Hannah’s Wig or Marnie’s Cat?

After twelve episodes Girls‘ third season is gone, and sadly the title of this post is probably the deepest concern you can still have about it. Although this show has a lot of great details (we’ll talk about them later), problems such as plot and character development are getting worse and worse, and that’s something that can really ruin it all when you only have twelve episodes ahead.

You may not remember the two first seasons, but there were moments in which this series actually worked, moments when all the characters had the same importance (now Lena Dunham’s ego seems to absorb the rest of the cast) and their troubles and romances didn’t just appear out of nowhere. That naturalistic feeling seems to have faded away and when our dear showrunner needs to make all the plots come together she has to actually confine all the characters within the same physical space, in the beach house episode, where, casually, they also met with long lost Elijah.

But besides this interlude, what else do we have? Well, we have Hannah’s relationship with Adam, Hannah’s new job (and Hannah’s new friends), and, obviously, Hannah’s new depressions with no real causes behind them. So yes, if you haven’t realized yet, this is Hannahs.

Something that upsets me more than her omnipresence is the way characters tend to randomly appear and disappear. Adam’s sister is a great example: she moves into Hannah’s, causes loads of troubles and then she leaves without notice and we don’t hear anything about her again until the last episode. Suddenly, she’s pregnant and living with Laird, the downstairs ex-junkie neighbor. Elijah, Jessa’s detox buddy, the I-wanna-commit-suicide-but-I-regret-right-at-the-end lady… there are so many underdeveloped characters that sometimes you may think that you’re watching The Big Bang Theory.

Although it may seem quite the contrary, I’m not a Girls‘ hater, in fact, I love many things about this show: the aesthetics with predominant pastel tones, the witty dialogues, the soundtrack, and yes, I love Hannah/Lena. She might have a huge ego but, in the end, if you have followed the series, it’s because you have already fallen in love with her charismatic personality, her clothes (even her shorteralls) and her perpetual immaturity. Because of all of this I chose, with no doubt, Hannah’s wig.

The Homecoming Queen

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