To whoever it may concern,

Welcome to our blog.

We are a pair of film (and television) students who have decided the Internet needed new blood, a couple of young minds ready to write about probably the art form whose evolution has been clearer in the last few years, television shows. However, we are not only here to talk about how deep and pessimistic True Detective’s first season was, we’ll discuss anything regarding this way of telling stories: trends, genres, new formats, from The Corner to Community, from the intimacy of Dates to the grandiloquence of Game of Thrones, and, of course, Arrested Development; All of them have a place in here.

We promise to always tell our truth, to be faithful to our style, to be fun and entertaining, and not to given in to the pressures of the big networks (or not, we don’t really know yet). So, please, don’t doubt it, if you are into serial fiction you know you’ve just arrived home.

Best regards from the team,

Jaime & Rubén

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