Teasers Are the New Trailers

I’m fed up with trailers. When you follow one of those huge shows, like Game of Thrones, you find out (over and over again) what that kind of promos can offer you: barely anything. Here it is the 15 second trailer of season’s four trailer:

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This is a Post about Dan Harmon

“That’s season one in your face, motherfucker!” – Rick Sanchez

“We’ll definitely be back next year. if not, it will be because an asteroid has destroyed all human civilization…” – Abed Nadir

A drunkard scientist and a emotionless television-obsessed student, both alter egos of their own maker, the tormented genius, Dan Harmon. Both aware of their “characterness”, their fictionality, the rules of the worlds they live in to the point they can play with the same conventions they are created by. Just another day in Harmontown*.

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Game of Thrones & Feminism

Game of Thrones has, as anyone can see, a lot of patriarchal elements: objectification of women, several unnecessary nudes, rapes, etc. Viewers may think “It’s a medieval show so it’s no sexism, it’s just history”, but they forget that we are not living in those past times anymore. TV shows and films can’t just show us raped and humiliated women, they have to delve into their personalities, fears and hopes and make us fully understand them. The show may be aesthetically medieval but the treatment of the story and the characters must be contemporary.

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The Anthological Revolution

Anthology series are back and, apparently, are here to stay for at least some years. But why is this format, practically unused for the last two decades, back again in television’s front line?

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Transparent Pilot

To enjoy the full experience, please, play this song as you read along:

I’ve always wanted to sit around that kitchen table one more time, to see Ruth Fisher cooking, Claire complaining about high-school and society’s hypocrisy, David trying to be the perfect gentleman and Nate trying to fit into his family again. Now with Transparent, the new show by Jill Soloway, one of Six Feet Under‘s writers, we have another chance.

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