Comedy is still considered a minor genre in the academic field. It’s a pity that the honor of revolutionizing the way we watch and understand television belongs to the underrated sitcom.

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The New Southern Gothic

A century ago, writers like William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor or Truman Capote gave birth to the Southern Gothic literary genre, which focuses its attention, as the name hints, on the southern part of the United States. In these books we could see deeply disturbed characters living in degraded environments full of misery, racism, poverty and superstition. In their worlds everything was changing so fast they felt out of place (and time). The rules weren’t as clear as before. Their social hierarchy was falling apart and the promised land never arrived. Therefore, they settled in a place where the past was vanishing and the future was a broken promise. In the middle of nowhere and nowhen.

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Who am I? This is one of the main leitmotifs in television seriality in the past decade. Contemporary fictions explore society’s consciousness in search for answers to this big issue that surrounds western civilization.

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