God is in Your TV

In the beginning there was nothing… nothing too religious in the world of TV shows. The main characters were obviously good American Christians, but we took that for granted. It was understood, it was obvious.

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Is every life worth living? Even if the world doesn’t want me, even society rejects me? Is it worth fighting back? My family is not my family anymore, my house is not my house anymore, there is no home. Everything seems strange and familiar at the same time. Seven days of boredom, alone and inside my head, in the darkness. There’s so much pain and hate. The world is my prison. My prison was my world.

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Witches, Students and Robots

You’ve probably seen Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon and even Death Note but beyond mainstream animes like Naruto, do you know any interesting ones? As a huge fan of this kind of animation series I’ll try to offer you a couple of them so you can fall in love again with one of the greatest and funniest TV genres imported directly from the Far East.

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Three Glances

FargoPenny Dreadful, and Halt and Catch Fire, these seem to be three of the shows called to set the pace of what’s to come in serial fiction. All of them star, or co-star, independent (even, sometimes, solitary) and melancholic women. Women finally released from the household, and we are talking here about shows set in the XIX century and the 80s, that take the initiative in their male-dominated fictional universes. But, what do these three newcomers look at? They are looking behind, they are looking at Peggy Olson, the character that made possible their status as groundbreaking female leads in contemporary television.

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The Television Family

How many breakfast scenes have you watched in the TV series you follow? Those huge breakfasts with tons of food and the whole family reunited around the table. This doesn’t only occurs in shows about families like Six Feet Under, it also appears in The AmericansBreaking Bad, Homeland, The Sopranos, etc, and, although it may look like something irrelevant, having breakfast all together is one of the key images of contemporary series. Just keep reading.

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