Witches, Students and Robots

You’ve probably seen Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon and even Death Note but beyond mainstream animes like Naruto, do you know any interesting ones? As a huge fan of this kind of animation series I’ll try to offer you a couple of them so you can fall in love again with one of the greatest and funniest TV genres imported directly from the Far East.

– Puella Magi Madoka Magica –

I know you are already wondering about that name as well as the blond and sweet girl next to that strange monster. Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a show about little girl with special powers, yes, but it’s much more than that. Puella, with its colorful and sometimes experimental animation started a revolution in the magical girl genre with its deconstructive look of all the cliches on it. 

You won’t find pretty girls fighting against the evil in the name of love and friendship. Instead of that, the show displays a mature and interesting essay about the naivety of a group of girls who believe they are special, and how everyone, even the cutest creature you can imagine, will take advantage of them.

– Aku No Hana –

Just by looking at the screenshot you’ll realize there is something different about Aku No Hara. This anime was made using the rotoscoping technique, in which animators trace over film footage, frame by frame, so they can create this sort of hiperealistic images.

Like Puella, Aku No Hana looks like that typical high school anime (a new version of Marmalade Boy, for example) but they have nothing in common. The story of a horny boy who steals the gym clothes of Nanako (a classmate he has a crush on) will quickly turn into a psychedelic, dark and quite fantastic anime always under the shadow of Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil (which is also the name of the show).

– Rebuild of Evangelion –

Rebuild of Evangelion is a remake of the original 1995 anime Neon Genesis Evangelion that has now become a series of four films. Although we can find some differences with the original, the characters and the apocalyptic fight between a group of children who uses giant robots called EVAs, and the ‘angels’ that try to touch Adam in order to destroy the Earth, is still the same.

This anime is so complex, so full of mythological and biblical references that I can only compare it to Lost. If you want to understand it completely you’ll have to read and read the wiki encyclopedia created by the fans, watch the original series and the other old movies and perhaps, that distant day, you will deserve your own EVA. But don´t be afraid,it doesn’t matter if you don’t get all the details (nobody does), this show (and the films) are so incredibly well done that you will always be thinking about how beautiful and smooth everything looks.

The Homecoming Queen. 

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