Is every life worth living? Even if the world doesn’t want me, even society rejects me? Is it worth fighting back? My family is not my family anymore, my house is not my house anymore, there is no home. Everything seems strange and familiar at the same time. Seven days of boredom, alone and inside my head, in the darkness. There’s so much pain and hate. The world is my prison. My prison was my world.


Will I be able to come back? To help the helpless one? You will always live, you were my dearest friend, my only friend. I’m not of this world now, this is your world. I’m just too broken, this is you living through me. Everything out here, it’s just so… complicated.

I met someone. She doesn’t understand why him, specially him; he suffered so much already. That’s always the question. So beautiful. Such light. There’s no question about that: It’s the beauty, not the ugly, what hurts you the most. I had grown fond of her, but now… she’s lost her head.


Wake up. This is beautiful. All I’m sayin’.


3 thoughts on “Rectifying

    • Hi! First of all, as a kind of poetical piece of writing you don’t have to read the whole text literally. However, I was referring to Daniel’s first seven days out of prison (season 1). Although he did say in 2×01 that each of these days “felt like a lifetime”, I’m not so sure they were as joyful as he put them. Thanks for commenting!

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