Black and Blue

A corpse on a West Coast beach, a pair of detectives wearing sunglasses, mysteries at sunset… are some of the elements that compound a recently coined genre: surf noir. The term, originated from Kem Nunn’s novels that mixed “dark themes and a surfing setting”, has been examined in the past years by the hands of two American television gurus: Shawn Ryan, creator of probably the best crime series, The Shield, and David Milch, creator of the (no probably here) best western series, Deadwood.

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We May Not Be The Young Ones Very Long

Some weeks ago we got the news that Rick Mayall had passed away at his house in London. Comedy was in mourning, we had just lost a main cast member of one the most influential sitcoms of all time whose echoes we can still hear in today’s TV shows. We had lost one of The Young Ones.

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Six Degrees of Separation

According to a scientific theory (that you must know if you saw a cancelled TV show produced by J.J. Abrams with the same name), six degrees, everyone is connected everyone through a chain of five intermediaries, even your favorite K-Pop singer is six steps ahead of you. Although this concept has usually been applied (and even improved) to the real world as in, for example, the case of Facebook users, we are going to see how this works in the field of TV shows.

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A Conversation about The Leftovers

The Leftovers, the new show from HBO by Damon Lindelof (Lost), was one of the most anticipated shows of this summer season. The show about the consequences in a small town of the disappearance of 2% of the population debuted last Monday, did it fulfill our expectations? Let’s have a chat about it!

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