Aimee, You Are a Star

Last week I read this article. “Finally”, I said, “we’ll finally find out what the hell is going on on this show.” Haha, I’m so naive. This Sunday, The Leftovers delivered a new episode and we still haven’t figured out how a show SO badly written can be broadcast on HBO.

Ultimately, I really believe this drama is not about the aftermath of a society where the 2% of the population just vanished into thing air, The Leftovers is secretly about Aimee (Emily Meade).


That’s exactly what I say to myself each time you pop up on the screen.

Aimee doesn’t seem to have a family, nor a house. Aimee lives with the Garveys, the reason? Not for us to know. She is Jill Garvey’s classmate, but we also see her wearing an uniform, what’s her job? Definitely not our business. She mostly hangs out in the Garveys’ couch, sometimes she also goes out to play deadly games with her teen friends because, you know, this is The Leftovers everything is so dark and fucked up and Lindelof knows how to give his audience what they want, teens locking themselves up in a fridge in the middle of a forest to see for how long they can hold their breath. Lindelof… you genius, it’s nothing too in the face at all.

Remember when pilot episodes were about introducing characters and giving us some background on them? Not The Leftovers and, of course, not Aimee. We got to see Matt’s (the priest) backstory on episode 3 but he didn’t really show up until that moment so we were ok with ir. We didn’t get to see Nora’s (the woman who lost her whole family on the ‘event’) day to day until last week’s episode but we knew about her situation and we could feel some empathy for her. Aimee is… just there. Her biggest line to this day was the one mentioned in Bustle, “do you have any hand cream?”, a line directly taken from Shakespeare.

Here we have her on the living room where she spends most of her time:


Probably the only way to have some screen time is to be where the Garveys are, clever girl. However, if in the next scene we need to give a Jill some solo time with her crazy grandad who escaped the asylum (“let’s not show how he did it!”) to give his son an old issue of National Geographic, because, once again, everything is deep and meaningful in this dark world, and once the police finds him he just opens the car door on a red light and runs faster than his son, who spends have the time jogging, just to ask him to meet him that same evening… ugh, this show… Where was I? Yes, if Jill needs to meet his crazy grandaddy in the house, Aimee can just disappear, no one will miss her.


– Where is Aimee? – Who?

I must be fair, Aimee has one major plot line, come on, a schoolgirl that spends her time in her friend’s place and whose beefcake daddy doesn’t get laid enough?. We’ve all watched American Beauty. Aimee has the hots for Mr. Garvey and, let’s face it, he has to take part of the blame, not having clean shirts is a lame excuse for appearing shirtless in every episode.


This post is just an example of how bad a show that promised so much turned out to be. The Leftovers had an intriguing premise and a decent cast but the writing clearly sucks: poor character and story development, coincidences, plot that just don’t work (pregnant Asian ladies, crazy grandpa, and what has happened with the priest? and the cult?…), too many reasons to just say:


Not you Aimee, we love you.


One thought on “Aimee, You Are a Star

  1. Jeff Winger says:

    Leaving Aimee aside, who I dont care about at all, I like this show a lot. Not everything in the show, but it had some pretty good moments, like the priest smashing that fucker’s head when tried to steal his money, or Gladys being stoned to death…I love that “fuck the world” attitude in everyone, to me that is the key of the show. Aimee is not very well define that’s true…But she is hot and Mr Garvey has wet dreams with her, that’s for sure.
    Sorry for my english, I’m spanish and I’m trying here ^^

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