Into the Unknown

“Oh potatoes and molasses, they’re so much sweeter than Algebra class. If your stomatch is grumblin’ and your mouth starts mumblin’ there is only one thing to keep your brain for crumblin’…”  Oh… yeah a post about “Over the garden wall” and mythology, yes, here we go!

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Elevators are no-places; spaces where we just pass through such as halls, subway stations, airports, spots that do not mark our memory nor catch our attention, perishable. Awkward spaces that, by definition, bother and unsettle us. Of course, it is when we are located within one of them that we show something hidden about ourselves, a little tic, perhaps, or a original way of responding to some stimulus. Elevators become, thus, revealers of human nature.

Contemporary television, as the great study of human psychology that it is, has taken good note of this, and many relevant TV series have made of elevators a great narrative device.

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Why I love Mickey Deane

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Dynamics of Progress

In “Get the Rope” -seventh episode of The Knick- Dr. Thackeray and nurse Elkins are attending a policeman stabbed in a street fight. Due to internal bleeding, Thackarey is forced to open him up right on the hospital bed and asks Elkins for some medical equipment. Elkins flies off the room as the camera follows her to a cupboard where she picks up the needed supplies while we watch Thackarey trying to save the man’s life through a window. The camera tracks once again Elkins’ movement as she returns to the room where we encounter an already dead man.

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