You have read J’ posts but today, the day of his 24th birthday, you will the discover the truth, the man behind the curtain…

J. was born in Galicia ( Spain’s Winterfell) in a probably rainy and cold day of november, and that was the day Postmodernism started. Here we have some famous personalities talking about J and his impact in their lives:

Slavoj Žižek at his home in Lubljana.


Like many galician J. has been all around the world: Asia, America, Europe but now he’s an outstanding critic in his hometown until Norwey demand his presence. What will he do there? will he run Telethinking’s headquarter? Top men shop? sweets? Nobody knows


In 24 years he has made fans: “You are a God Jaime” someone said to him once, but he has also… some enemies: let’s discover his dark side interviewing some of his worst enemies.



Rough words… but here is his deepest secret: Although he looks like a postmodern hater, he is a lovely friend. Happy birthday!


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