Why I love Mickey Deane

Sometimes you make a post with your brain and sometimes with your heart. This one belongs to the later because Mickey, you deserve it.

What do you see in this image from HBO’s Looking? I see four gay, young and hot men that only represent the reality of 1% of the LGTB community. In their bohemian lifes all is contemporary art, videogames and sex with other young, hot (an mainly white) boys. Homophobia, STDs, old, fat people, lesbians, bi or trans? Not in LA.

And here? The first impression is a middle-age man who does not have a perfect body (according to Capitalism’s point of view), but when you see The Comeback you realize that Mickey is so much more.

Valerie’s eternal hairdresser in the first (and, happily, in the second) season of this brilliant fake reality TV show/sitcom making of (just watch it, you will understand it) is a kind of man that you can find in every city in the world: an effeminate one who never talks about his sexual orientation although everybody suppose he is gay. This man, usually a very religious person, was not raised in a gay-friendly environment and, in order to survive, he had to hide his feelings, the way he understood love.

This gif is glorious in a lot of ways: Robert Michael Morris’ face is always full of expressions and this is the perfect proof. He is very happy for Valerie (as always) but he is also ashamed because she thinks (and more importantly, says) he is gay. So there is not only joy in his face, also shame and fear which he is trying to hide from everyone. He not only has to hide the fact that he is gay, he must also look happy all the time, even when a friend of his is speaking freely about his deepest fear: accepting who he is in front of others. As we can see, this comedy brings us in a hilarious scene (summarized in a gif that must be in every Tumblr) a deeper portrait of homosexuality than Looking in one season.

He’s a great character by many other reasons, and I have several gifs to prove it:

He’s fat and he eats whatever he wants because yes, that is not a repulsive or almost criminal act as society tends to teach us. When a person with his weight is shown on the screen eating something it is always a funny scene that tell us how lazy, irresponsible and disgusting he is for not taking care of his body. Not here: your body your choices.

Although he lives in the closet (which is definitely not an easy life) sometimes he feels so self-confident that he express his joy however he wants. The way he dances might be old-fashioned but, who cares? He’s not worried about Looking cool.

Another reason to love him: the character evolves. During the first season he gains the necessary confidence to come out and present us his “lover” in a delightful scene. I hope we can see more of them in the second season.

A middle-age and fat gay man with a sexual life that is not just part of a joke? We do not see that much in TV and we certainly need it. Enough young and handsome boys, we want more characters like Mickey or Maura Pfefferman who embodied a not-so-nice reality in the LGTBI community. Mickey, this is also your comeback!

The Homecoming Queen

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