Telethinking Awards 2014 (II)

You have already seen the first segment of our prestigious awards gala and, finally, today -so you can talk it over Christmas Eve dinner- we, or, in this case, the renown television critic The Homecoming Queen, bring you the second part. And the Telethinking Award goes to …

Best Actor in a Drama Series: Aden Young in Rectify

Long time ago, J made a poetic post about it, and here we are again. Tawney is not the only character of this show that we love. Daniel, as wee see in the clip above, is subtle, intriguing and fascinating in every scene. In this season, he gets to expand his world (that visit to Atlanta in the fourth episode), face new fears, and the result is that unsettling peaceful beauty that only Rectify is able to create.

Runners-up: Obviously, Don Draper dancing in one of the most beautiful scenes ever made in TV, Frank Underwood looking at us again with more power than ever, or Joe Mcmilllan making TV a little more bisexual. Moreover, although we are still confused regarding which genre we should subscribe it to, Jeffrey Tambor is once again great in Transparent (we still want more Arrested Development, though). 

Best Actress in a Comedy Series: Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback

Every gesture Valerie Cherish make is at the same time incredibly funny, self-concious, embarrasing and overacted. But Valerie is not just a character to laugh about, Lisa Kudrow turned her into a really complex human being lost in the contemporary society of simulacrum where the self as we understand it before has disappeared. For this TV-addict she is not Phoebe anymore, she is Valerie.

Runners-up: Parks and Recreations has really great female characters: Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza were as funny and grumpy as always in the sixth season. And Lena Dunham nop, you are NOT nominated.

Best Actress in a Miniseries: Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Honourable Woman

Maggie Gyllenhaal plays here the role of her life, just like that. The complexity and strength of a woman that can actually cry, have casual sex (in my mind she is the perfect lover for Gillian Anderson in The Fall) and, at the same time, understand better than anyone else the Israel-Palestine conflict is something that you don’t see everyday in TV. Breathtaking.

Runners-up: Frances McDormand is as great as always in Olive Kitteridge, where she gives us conversations in the dinner table we haven not seen since Six Feet Under. Speaking of SFU, Frances Conroy is still as gorgeous as in those days, American Horror Story Freak Show does not deserve her.

Best Photography: The Knick


Its screenplay is probably not the most original thing in TV, but regarding its aesthetics The Knick is a miracle. The colors (those brown, white, dark blue and yellow), the camera movements (sorry True Detective, but this has 100 better shots than your over-the-top sequence shot) and the light create an unique and mesmerizing (and gory!) atmosphere that few other shows have achieved in TV. You definitely can not stop staring at The Knick.

Runners-up: This was an incredibly hard decision. Shows like Mad Men, Halt and Catch Fire, the victorian dream that is Penny Dreadful (that is my favorite room of the television year), or the Danish miniseries 1864 are all equally out of this world.

Best Costume Design: Mad Men

It is not just because of Betty’s cool glasses, it is because those glasses are a part of her. Costumes in Mad Men make us understand the characters in a visual way: we are able to appreciate the Peggy’s evolution, how Sally becomes a rebel teenager or the freedom that Megan feels without Don by just taking a look at their clothes. And it is not just outfits from this rich people: we will see hobos, marginates, hippies, punks, etc. all in a perfectly accurate and enriching clothing.

Runners-up: As a fashion lover this is one of the hardest categories for me. Vanessa Ives and the Victorian costumes of the shows are the most perfect representation of that time TV has ever seen; Halt and Catch Fire is nominated again because of Joe’s jackets and Cameron’s geek outfits; Robin Wright in House of Cards is colder and more stylish than ever in the second season (that moment…); The nurses in The Knick have the uniform you have always wished for (just accept it); and, of course, we can always count on the British elegance of Downton Abbey

Best Visual Effects: Game of Thrones

Quoting Jane Austen: “it is a truth universally acknowledged”, there is nothing cooler than having three dragons. This fourth season was not its best in many leves, but the dragons were bigger and wilder than ever, which made me freak out as if I were a teenager. Also the cities of Meereen and the White Walkers prove that the FX of Game of Thrones are top notch.

Runners-up: Hannibal‘s wendigo and Olive Kitteridge lovely and poetic details.

Best Advertising Campaing: The Comeback

The Comeback was vanished from HBO for 9 years since its cancellation. But with the promos they made we realize that this never happened: we just were not able to see Valerie because reality TV cameras weren’t around her in those years. Instead, Valerie played in a couple of films and did some ads such as this one. Fake advertising as a promotion method: all in The Comeback is meta.

Runners-up: Those teasers from The Americans and Game of Thrones were something remarkable, but not so original.

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series: Mad Men

Mad Men has been one of the best drama series for years but, like an old wine, it tastes better with the years. With each season, we learn more and more about the characters, and everything they do feels more realistic and, thus, affect us more deeply. Some scenes this season felt like the whole seven seasons talking and dancing with themselves.

Runners-up: The Americans and the kitchen’s table as the true battleground, the infinite evilness of the Underwood or the birth of the personal computers in Halt and Catch Fire.

Just one more post and the Telethinking Awards will be over! Binge every show that we have talked about right now and comment our verdict.

The Homecoming Queen

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