Telethinking Awards 2014 (and III)

…And we are back for the final part of the Telethinking Awards 2014. We have left the big categories for the end so do not miss them out!

Best Foreign Series: Sherlock

More, that is the word that defined Sherlock‘s third series: more fun, more entertaining, more twist, more impossible cases, more speed, more infographics, more, more, more… Sherlock is the perfect television entertainment: you can not look away for one single second or you are going to miss it and it keeps you at the edge of your seat with every single delivered line. When did we stop valuing fun?

Runners-up: 1864, why is this little Danish gem going unnoticed?

 Best Animated Series: Rick and Morty

We already gave it the award to best comedic script so this was no surprise: Rick and Morty is the best animated series of the year. Dan Harmon, while his other show, Community, delivered a floppy fifth season, has finally found a medium to let loose all his crazy, metafictional and multireferential imaginary. Animation is his wet dream and Rick and Morty what Community could have been with a high budget.

Runners-up: the extremely cute Over the Garden Wall which we have already praised, Bojack Horseman, just chectk this 10-minute tripping sequence and Archer‘s reboot Scarface style, Archer Vice.

Best Miniseries: The Honourable Woman

“Who do you trust?, how do you know” and “If it is the price to pay… for a nation” are two of the sentences The Honourable Woman have engraved in the minds of the viewers in 2014. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Nessa Stein is the ultimate female protagonist: strong but delicate, brave but scared, powerful and, at the same time, just a pawn, but what a noise she made! This complex political thriller took advantage of the aggravated conflict between Israel and Palestine during 2014 making one of the most engaging and timely TV fictions of the decade.

Runners-up: Fargo almost took the prize home for sequences like this one, we do not need to explain True Detective to anyone at this point, and HBO’s Olive Kitteridge was mesmerizing and humanist breath of fresh air

Best Comedy Series: The Comeback

She’s It! That is enough reason to love The Comeback, the most uncomfortable series out there. Lisa Kudrow’s comeback… comeback (I can not count how many times I have read this joke already) was the perfect character study and the perfect Hollywood (and HBO) critic. A number of interwoven narrative layers that shouted “meta” from the rooftops. Kudrow and Robert Michael Morris deserve every single award and the season ending became an instant classic.

Runners-up: it was a pretty decent year for comedy lovers, Parks and Recreation hit a new top, shows such as Nathan for You and Review brought a new angle on reality television, Portlandia did not disappoint this year, the same as Louie -although its fourth season was not its best- and, finally, You’re the Worst offered us our new favorite couple.

Best Drama Series: Mad Men

From that opening sequence of Freddy Rumsen staring into the camera to “The Best Things in Life Are Free”, the first seven episodes of the final season of Mad Men were some of the best of the entire series. Sometimes, after so many years, we have got so used to it we forget what Mad Men represents: it synthesizes the history of the XX century in the United States and, at the same time, it manages to reflect its echoes at our present time, “… and now, the end is near…”

Runners-up: Rectify‘s second year was still an underrated piece of art,  Halt and Catch Fire was a fun ride, The Americans and Hannibal had a sophomore year much better than their first instance, HOUSE OF CARDSTransparent and Jeffrey Tambor made a lot for the LGTB community but the season contained several flaws (the secret son in the final episode?!), and we said goodbye to an era with the ending of Boardwalk Empire.

Best Series: The Good Wife

Have you tried to watch an episode from season 1 after watching season 5? That is how you build a narrative and that is character evolution. The Good Wife is the best television series of the year.

And that’s all, folks! We hope you have enjoyed the gala and we expect to see you back next year!

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