One Last Day in Pawnee

This Tuesday we are going to have to say goodbye to one of the last places we are always happy to return in television: Pawnee, Indiana. Parks and Recreation, the only survivor left from the well-known NBC comedy block (The Office, 30 Rock, Community and the aforementioned), bids farewell after seven years with all without having given us one single episode where we didn’t wish to live in that town with the fourth highest rate of obesity: Goodbye Pawnee!

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Things You Don’t Need to See Unless You’re a Hipster Critic

Big Secrets, Small Towns is not the only new genre in our TVs. Other fictions such as The Affair, Caprica, Heroes or The Leftovers are part of a different group: disappointing and boring shows that work better as an object of study than as a series.  Continue reading

Big Secrets, Small Towns

1986, Blue Velvet, by cult author David Lynch, opens with the sequence below: the perfect life of an American suburban neighborhood is suddenly halted. A middle-age man, who watering his yard, seems to suffer a heart attack and he drops dead in an instant. The camera dives slowly into the perfectly cut grass, deeper and deeper. At the bottom, we find the insects, the filthy, the rotten… Lynch showed us with this shot, together with the well-known ear with ants, that under the superficial, seemingly perfect, American way of life in the small idillic communities there’s always a dark hidden shadow, a place where people bury their most infame secrets and desires.

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Carnivàle of Time

American Horror Story: Freakshow is definetly NOT the best NOR the first show about an itinerant circus in America. In 2003, HBO aired Carnivàle, a cult TV-show that reflected with its characters and mythology a deeply complex sense of temporality.

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