The Other Me

Both female main characters from House of Cards and The Americans have lived similar traumatic experiences with unexpected consequences in the last episodes. Death, treason, marriage… what else do they have in common?

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I’m Leaving You

In a late scene from House of Cards third season Claire Underwood knocks at the door of a stressed mother to ask for her vote in the upcoming elections. She comes in to find out the sort of life awaiting behind motherhood, chaos and loneliness. The mother dreams with the possibility of all of it gone, her husband and even her own child, a chance to “start anew”. And that’s paradoxically (since her sacrifice was precisely motherhood) Claire’s last straw, the image of a desperate woman renouncing to her happiness for her family’s sake, a life of nothingness just so others can keep up with their goals.

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A Good Spanish Sci-fi TV Show? Yep

What’s the most shocking news of the year? Twin Peaks‘ comeback? X-files‘ possible reboot? No. The ultimate mystery in the 2015 television landscape is that J. and I are watching a Spanish series. Continue reading

Is Public Television Ready for The Wire?

American Crime is the closest any show on network television has come to The Wire. There, I said it. ABC’s new miniseries, by the hand of the Academy Award winner John Ridley (screenwriter of 12 Years a Slave), is one of the most interesting proposals of the year, visually and conceptually.

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When the Monsters Are all Around Us

I’m still afraid of Fortitude’s sixth episode. This thriller’s atmosphere has become so dark and oppressive that you can hardly breathe or blink during its 48 minutes. Mainly because you believe that the most horrifying monster can appear and tear everyone and everything apart in any second. The scariest part is that it never appears.

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