The Other Me

Both female main characters from House of Cards and The Americans have lived similar traumatic experiences with unexpected consequences in the last episodes. Death, treason, marriage… what else do they have in common?

[SPOILERS of House of Cards and The Americans ahead]

Claire Underwood and her husband travel to the Kremlin in Russia so they can finally solve and ongoing international issue. Elizabeth Jennings and her husband break into a factory to plant a bug in a the FBI’s mail robot machine. Although they are used to these situations, their personal feelings will interfere with their behavior and nothing will end as they may expected.

vlcsnap-00122Claire can’t stand being in the shadow of her husband anymore. The Soviet spy is also in a difficult moment of her marriage because of the future of their daughter Paige. When they travel into the heart of their enemy (Russia and the FBI) they will discover something far and close at the same time, a mirror, a negative of themselves.

In the case of House of Cards, Claire will meet a imprisoned Russian gay activist with strong ideals who would rather die than read the speech the EEUU prepared for him. The First Lady knows how important this little issue is for the international relationship between the two countries, so she presses the convict until he, exhausted, hangs himself with her scarf.

Meanwhile in America, Jennifer and Phillip were manipulating a mail robot when she discovered that there was someone in the apparently deserted building: and old woman who loves to spend her nights working in silence. Although she is just a simple worker, when Jennifer sees her she turns her into a important piece in her personal war against American imperialism. As Claire did, Nadezhda presses the woman to take all her heart pills until she suffers a heart attack. They didn’t actually kill anyone but they are both murderers. Did I hear an argumentative’s objection? Easy Alicia, this is not your jurisdiction…

The truth is that they are not just killing an enemy, they are hushing a part of themselves: the fear and anger of not being in charge of their own life, of living a lie, of not owning their future nor the one of the people they love. As slaves of their countries both marriages need to go away from their comfort zone and look into their enemy’s eyes (the ultimate Other) so they can find out the truth about them: the world is not black and white, both capitalist and communist are humans.

Even though they have to kill their enemies to realize this, Elizabeth and Claire will never be the same women after these episodes. The mission of protecting their countries is killing not only other people’s lives but, what it’s more important for them, also their own. Claire is leaving Frank but Elizabeth… what will she do?

быть продолженным

The Homecoming Queen


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