Digital Flow

In the analogic times of TV, shows and other programs were not an isolated space in the schedule, they were a part of cycle without end, the Flow as Raymond Williams called it. Now, in the era of Netflix and Kickass, we refuse to follow a prefabricater order and instead create our personal dymanic of viewing. It’s the time of the Digital Flow.

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Orgy of Genres

I’m halfway through Sense8, the new Netflix series by The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5), and against every possible prediction (based on my previous experiences with the creators of… Speed Racer and Jupiter Ascending) and despite the reviews out there, I must admit that it’s actually a fascinating and awe-inspiring tale within its own grandiloquence. 8 stories, 8 characters, 8 cities around the world… and 8 genres?

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‘Les Revenants’ and the Void of Reason

In an isolated town in France the dead are suddenly appearing in front of their old houses, knocking on their doors and trying to live again within their communities. Although it may look like a zombie, Les Revenants is not one. This is an intimate, beautifully assembly drama that stays in the thin line between fantasy and reality.

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