Digital Flow

In the analogic times of TV, shows and other programs were not an isolated space in the schedule, they were a part of cycle without end, the Flow as Raymond Williams called it. Now, in the era of Netflix and Kickass, we refuse to follow a prefabricater order and instead create our personal dymanic of viewing. It’s the time of the Digital Flow.

Many (boring) pages could be written about how this digital flow is a consequence of our  capitalist consumerism, but sometimes an example is way more usefull and entertaining to read: my monday’s digital flow.

The beggining of the week starts with many hours of quality TV to see: in my case now It´s time to see the new episodes of Penny Dreadful, Halt and Catch Fire, True Detective and perhaps some Vikings (Hannibal, UnReal, and Deutschland 83 air in other days of the week). When you have so many things to see in the same day the question is: Which will be the order? Well, it depends.

As english is not my first language (yes that article wasn’t written by an EEUU citizen) the order in which english subtitles appear in Addic7ed (or in spanish in subdivx) is really important. Halt is my favourite monday show for example, but is also the last subtitle to surface (Shaaaame! Shaaaame!). Because of Penny’s and TD’s huge fandom and popularity they are usually the first with available subtitles.

Penny would usually be my first option because I love its gothic atmosphere and the character of Vanessa Ives, but last week’s hype betrayed me, so I started by seeing the Lame first episode of the new season of True Detective. Oddly enough, after watching it I had to deal with the laziness and disorder of my town hall in order to project a documentary for the LGTB pride.


It was also odd that Penny, a show with huge ups and downs, gave to me Memento Mori ,one of its best episode. And what happens when Penny has such a great episodes?It’s time for screenshots. The flow stops and Tumblr reigns.


Halt and Catch Fire as Hannibal are shows that I prefer to watch in my TV and not in my pc because of their OST and photography. When everyone is sleep at home the geekist side of the 80s fill my living room. The late night is the perfect momento too to catch up with Vikings, P’tit Quinquin or The Jinx.

By telling you my monday’s routine what I want to express is that digital flow, the one created by yourself only following your own taste is also conditioned by many external elements: subtitles (and sometimes the episode itself like the first of Deutschland 83), the availability of a particular space and the influences of the media (hype).

But no matter what TV show, film, book, event, war, homicide or invasion happens, thursday is and will always be Hannibal‘s day and not even NBC will change that. #SaveHannibal

The Homecoming Queen


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