Things You Don’t Need to See Unless You’re a Hipster Critic

Big Secrets, Small Towns is not the only new genre in our TVs. Other fictions such as The Affair, Caprica, Heroes or The Leftovers are part of a different group: disappointing and boring shows that work better as an object of study than as a series.  Continue reading


Telethinking Awards 2014 (II)

You have already seen the first segment of our prestigious awards gala and, finally, today -so you can talk it over Christmas Eve dinner- we, or, in this case, the renown television critic The Homecoming Queen, bring you the second part. And the Telethinking Award goes to …

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The Walking Dead: Dumbness Everywhere

As hard as I try, I still can not understand how someone can see a good entertainment in The Walking Dead, probably the most stupid, nonsensical hour of television for the last 5 years. I seriously doubt that 14 million Americans tune in every week for the same reasons as I do: the laughs and the wish of one of the characters getting chopped in a very, very explicit way.

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The Hard Life of a Serial Addict

Watching television may seem easy, pleasant, a relaxing hobby and (perhaps, someday, if HBO reads our blog) a job, but we have our tough moments too. Not everything is a season finale of Lost, Ruth Fisher making dinner or Claire Underwood with one of her glorious gabardines. If you have been watching TV long enough I’m sure you’ve found  in some of these ruthless situations.

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Aimee, You Are a Star

Last week I read this article. “Finally”, I said, “we’ll finally find out what the hell is going on on this show.” Haha, I’m so naive. This Sunday, The Leftovers delivered a new episode and we still haven’t figured out how a show SO badly written can be broadcast on HBO.

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