All of This Has Happened before and All This Will Happen Again

Seriality, the ontological concept behind TV series, originated due to consumerist reasons. When literature printing boomed out at the end of the XIX century, writers –most prominently Charles Dickens– had to look for a way to keep readers invested in their works in order to consolidate this new mass producing machine. Accordingly, splitting long novels into different chapters released over time –and with a proper cliffhanger– hooked the readers and allowed the industry to bloom. A century later, TV has adopted the formula literature popularized and even more recently some shows have appeared that have challenged our understanding about what seriality is supposed to be.

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Directors & Television

We are all shocked by the news of David Lynch directing all nine episodes from the upcoming third season of Twin Peaks. It looks like after Cary Fukunaga (True Detective) and Steven Soderbergh (The Knick), the next cool thing in the television landscape is having the same director for the whole run. It seems that the era of true authorship in television has arrived, but directors and TV shows have had a long and complex story together, and now it’s the perfect moment to bring it out. Continue reading