The Other Me

Both female main characters from House of Cards and The Americans have lived similar traumatic experiences with unexpected consequences in the last episodes. Death, treason, marriage… what else do they have in common?

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Six Degrees of Separation

According to a scientific theory (that you must know if you saw a cancelled TV show produced by J.J. Abrams with the same name), six degrees, everyone is connected everyone through a chain of five intermediaries, even your favorite K-Pop singer is six steps ahead of you. Although this concept has usually been applied (and even improved) to the real world as in, for example, the case of Facebook users, we are going to see how this works in the field of TV shows.

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God is in Your TV

In the beginning there was nothing… nothing too religious in the world of TV shows. The main characters were obviously good American Christians, but we took that for granted. It was understood, it was obvious.

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The Television Family

How many breakfast scenes have you watched in the TV series you follow? Those huge breakfasts with tons of food and the whole family reunited around the table. This doesn’t only occurs in shows about families like Six Feet Under, it also appears in The AmericansBreaking Bad, Homeland, The Sopranos, etc, and, although it may look like something irrelevant, having breakfast all together is one of the key images of contemporary series. Just keep reading.

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Who am I? This is one of the main leitmotifs in television seriality in the past decade. Contemporary fictions explore society’s consciousness in search for answers to this big issue that surrounds western civilization.

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Teasers Are the New Trailers

I’m fed up with trailers. When you follow one of those huge shows, like Game of Thrones, you find out (over and over again) what that kind of promos can offer you: barely anything. Here it is the 15 second trailer of season’s four trailer:

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