All of This Has Happened before and All This Will Happen Again

Seriality, the ontological concept behind TV series, originated due to consumerist reasons. When literature printing boomed out at the end of the XIX century, writers –most prominently Charles Dickens– had to look for a way to keep readers invested in their works in order to consolidate this new mass producing machine. Accordingly, splitting long novels into different chapters released over time –and with a proper cliffhanger– hooked the readers and allowed the industry to bloom. A century later, TV has adopted the formula literature popularized and even more recently some shows have appeared that have challenged our understanding about what seriality is supposed to be.

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Real Fiction

Life. It’s literally all we have. But is it any good? I’m a reviewer, but I don’t review food, books, or movies. I review life itself. – Review with Forrest MacNeil

My name is Nathan Fielder, and I graduated from one of Canada’s top business schools with really good grades. Now, I’m using my knowledge to help struggling small business owners make it in this competitive world. This is Nathan For You. – Nathan For You

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Telethinking Awards 2014 (and III)

…And we are back for the final part of the Telethinking Awards 2014. We have left the big categories for the end so do not miss them out!

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Telethinking Awards 2014 (II)

You have already seen the first segment of our prestigious awards gala and, finally, today -so you can talk it over Christmas Eve dinner- we, or, in this case, the renown television critic The Homecoming Queen, bring you the second part. And the Telethinking Award goes to …

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Why I love Mickey Deane

Sometimes you make a post with your brain and sometimes with your heart. This one belongs to the later because Mickey, you deserve it. Continue reading