Digital Flow

In the analogic times of TV, shows and other programs were not an isolated space in the schedule, they were a part of cycle without end, the Flow as Raymond Williams called it. Now, in the era of Netflix and Kickass, we refuse to follow a prefabricater order and instead create our personal dymanic of viewing. It’s the time of the Digital Flow.

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‘Les Revenants’ and the Void of Reason

In an isolated town in France the dead are suddenly appearing in front of their old houses, knocking on their doors and trying to live again within their communities. Although it may look like a zombie, Les Revenants is not one. This is an intimate, beautifully assembly drama that stays in the thin line between fantasy and reality.

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The Two Faces of Witchcraft

Penny Dreadful has always been between two worlds: fantasy and reality, television and literature, genius and boredom, Vanessa Ives and the Creature. But in its last episode both realities, the malignant witches from fairy tales and the proto-feminist witches from the medieval times, have come together and create a wonderful piece of TV.

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Did the audience fall asleep? For a little while

Nowadays, everybody knows Joss Whedon as the director of The Avengers movies but a couple of years ago he was just the freak who created one of the coolest TV’s heroines: Buffy Summers, the vampire slayer. Some (few but passionate) others will remember him as the man behind the cult hit Firefly. But who remembers him for Dollhouse? Who has even seen Dollhouse? Now, it is the moment to reclaim it.

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The Other Me

Both female main characters from House of Cards and The Americans have lived similar traumatic experiences with unexpected consequences in the last episodes. Death, treason, marriage… what else do they have in common?

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When the Monsters Are all Around Us

I’m still afraid of Fortitude’s sixth episode. This thriller’s atmosphere has become so dark and oppressive that you can hardly breathe or blink during its 48 minutes. Mainly because you believe that the most horrifying monster can appear and tear everyone and everything apart in any second. The scariest part is that it never appears.

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Carnivàle of Time

American Horror Story: Freakshow is definetly NOT the best NOR the first show about an itinerant circus in America. In 2003, HBO aired Carnivàle, a cult TV-show that reflected with its characters and mythology a deeply complex sense of temporality.

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